Thursday, January 12, 2012


This weekend I attended an Almodóvar double feature at the New Beverly, first up was his new psychological horror film entitled THE SKIN I LIVE IN (2011), followed by his last release BROKEN EMBRACES (2009).

I really wanted to put together a blog post on THE SKIN I LIVE IN but couldn't find the words to write about the film without giving away any details of the plot, which I ardently believe you need to see to believe. So I am sending you to the New York Times review of this film, written by Manohola Dargis, who eloquently describes the interworking of this film without spoiling its intricate plot.

This film is exquisitely pieced together with the artful touch of a master director. Everything about this film breathes new life into a genre built on pornographic slaying. Banderas and Almodóvar create a twisted fantasy world for Robert Ledgard to live and obsess in perfect isolation. Elena Anaya, who masterfully designed her character Vera, will leave you breathless by the film's end.

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