Saturday, May 28, 2011

Here We Go

I never thought I would delve into the totally cliched world of cinema blogging, but lately I have been feeling nostalgic for the countless hours per week that I spent watching, dissecting, critiquing, and generally loving films during my short but sweet time in film school. 

It's been a hard real world realization that leaving school meant the end to the constant flow of new and exciting information, the end of being taught and inspired on a daily basis, and the end of the effortless encounters with films I had never before had exposure to. 

This blog is meant to serve as a way for me to continue film school out in the real world. A place to spend a few hours every week to discover a director, writer, cinematographer, actor, director, or editor that I have had very little experience with before. It's my intention to use this blog as a creative outlet for the learning that I crave and miss in my life. It's a place to help take me out of the real world and into the cinematic illusions that movies consider their sole purpose to create. 

Every month, I will select one artist whose body of work shares a consistent style, theme, and tone and set out to explore four of their films, one for each week of the month, to discover, engage with, and respond to. 

First up, thanks to the opening night retrospective at the LA County Museum of Modern Art and my first unforgettable cinematic experience with EDWARD SCISSORHANDS, is the visionary director TIM BURTON. 

Let's have some fun. 

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